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Benefits of installing a home electric vehicle charging station

In today's society, cars have become ubiquitous in our lives, and their use methods have also been greatly improved. Due to the widespread appearance of car charging piles, some car owners have beg...

Top 10 FAQs for Home EV Charging

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, one of the most crucial aspects of owning an EV is home charging. Home EV charging allows EV owners to conveniently recharge their vehicles o...

The Different Levels of EV Charging Explained

In today's fast-paced world, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has gained significant momentum. As more people make the switch to EVs, understanding the different levels of EV charging beco...

How much do you know about charging piles?

With the substantial increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, the current number of charging piles is far less than the number of new energy vehicles. As a "good medicine" to solve ...

If you buy an electric car and plan to install a charging pile, 3 things you need to know in advance

Tong Zongqi, director of the Information Department of the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, mentioned a data in an interview with China Automobile News in 2022. Th...