How does an electric car slowly lose its power?

2023-01-31 10:00

Nowadays, with the maturity of new energy vehicle technology, many car owners choose to buy electric vehicles as the means of transportation for personal and family travel. However, when winter comes, the cruising range of electric vehicles will drop significantly. The following will teach you some skills to expand the cruising range of electric vehicles.

1. When driving at high speed. Electric vehicles need more power to drive the motor at high speed to maintain the speed of the vehicle. In addition, the air resistance encountered by the car when driving at high speed will multiply, which will also increase energy consumption.

2. When the temperature drops in winter. In winter, the current rate generated by the chemical reaction inside the battery is much slower than that under the condition of temperature rise, and the discharge performance is significantly weakened. Ability will also decrease. At the same time, the PTC heater core is used in the winter air conditioning of electric vehicles, which requires current to generate heat through the resistor, which will consume a lot of power. In addition, in order to ensure the normal use of the vehicle, some electric vehicles will heat the battery before starting the vehicle, which increases energy consumption.

So, how can we relatively expand the cruise range of new energy vehicles?

1. Control the vehicle speed. Reduce fast acceleration and deceleration, and try to keep driving within the economic speed range of electric vehicles (60-80km/h) when complying with the speed limit, without affecting the traffic flow.

2. Keep the vehicle warm. Conditional car owners can park their cars in underground garages and other places with relatively stable and relatively high temperature to avoid the battery performance degradation caused by low temperature.

3. Turn off the car electrical appliances in time. Try to avoid installing unnecessary electric consumers, reduce unnecessary items on the vehicle and reduce the weight of the vehicle. In addition, the number of exterior decoration can be reduced, thus reducing the wind resistance during high-speed driving and reducing power consumption.

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