UK car sales hit a 30-year low, but the penetration rate of electric vehicles reached 30%

2023-01-19 15:08

In 2022, only 1.61 million new cars were registered in the UK, the lowest level since 1992. The current situation of the market and automobile industry.

However, it is worth mentioning that electric vehicles are gaining more and more consumers in the UK market. It is reported that the sales of electric vehicles in the UK will increase from 190700 in 2021 to 267000 in 2022, and the market share will increase from about 11.6% to about 17%. In December 2022, the market share of electric vehicles will reach 30%. In addition, hybrid vehicles also account for about 11.6% of the market, and plug-in hybrid vehicles account for 6.3%. Although more than half of Britons still buy fuel vehicles, it can be predicted that electric vehicles in Britain will gradually becom

e the mainstream in the future.

According to official information, the UK will require new energy vehicle companies to account for 22% of the sales of zero emission vehicles in the UK market from 2024, with the goal of achieving 100% zero emission of new vehicles by 2023.

 new energy vehicle

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