Does the household charging pile choose 7KW or 21KW?

2023-01-14 21:11

First of all, before installing the charging pile, you should apply for an electric meter. You can apply for 220V or 380V electric meters. It is recommended that you can apply for 380V electric meters and try to apply for 380V electric meters. Because the capacitance of each cell is limited, it is more difficult to apply later.

Secondly, the 21KW charging pile has strong compatibility. It can be compatible with 11KW, 7KW and 3.5KW downward. More than 99% of the new energy vehicles on the market can be used. When you buy a 21KW charging pile, you don't need to change the charging pile in the future. 21KW can be set as 7KW for charging, but 7KW cannot be set as 21KW for charging.

Many car friends will say that it is useless to buy 21KW. Most of the current cars are 7KW charging power. It is true that there are many cars with AC charging power of 7KW, but there are also many cars with charging power of more than 7KW. For example, the charging power of Tesla Model Y and 3 is 11KW, and the charging power of Model X and S is 16KW; The charging power of Kr 001 is 11KW; Some models of Xiaopeng also support 11KW charging power.

If you buy a 21KW charging pile, you can directly charge at the maximum charging power supported by the car per hour when changing cars, but if you install a 7KW charging pile, you can only charge other cars up to 7KW. The installation of 21KW charging piles is equivalent to having all the charging piles in one step.

Finally, there is the price. Some car friends will say that the 21KW charging pile is much more expensive than the 7KW charging pile. In fact, the 21KW charging pile is not much more expensive than the 7KW charging pile. When you buy the charging pile, you can get it right in one step. If you save money, you can exchange the charging pile with another money, and the wire must be replaced, which is also a big expense.

So if you try to apply for 380V meters and install 21KW charging piles, if you can't use them now, it doesn't mean you can't use them in the future. And with the rise of new energy vehicles, more people will install household charging piles. It will be difficult to install 21KW charging piles in the future. It is better to start early.

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