What are the categories of charging piles for new energy vehicles?

2023-01-10 14:40

I believe that many people know the existence of new energy vehicles, but do not know whether you know the classification of new energy vehicle charging piles? If you don't know, you can learn about it together.

1. According to the installation method, it can include vertical charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles. The vertical charging pile is applicable to the parking space that does not stick to the wall. The wall-mounted charging pile is suitable for installation in the parking lot close to the wall.

2. According to the installation method, it can include public charging piles and special charging piles. The public charging pile shall be built in the public parking lot (garage) to provide public charging service for social travel. The special charging pile is used by the internal structure staff of the construction unit (company) for the existing underground parking lot (garage). Self-purchased charging pile is a charging pile built in a personal parking lot (garage) to provide charging for individual users. Most charging piles are combined with parking spaces in underground parking lots (garages). The waterproof grade of charging pile installed outdoors shall not be less than IP54. The waterproof grade of the charging pile assembled in the room shall not be less than IP32.

3. According to the total number of charging sockets, it can include one battery charge and several battery charges.

4. The charging pile (bolt) divided by charging method can include DC charging pile (bolt), communication AC charging pile (bolt) and AC-DC integrated charging pile (bolt).

If you need to install the charging pile on your own parking space, you need to discuss with the property company. If the charging pile is assembled on the leased parking space, the consent of the parking space user must be obtained before assembly. As a new energy vehicle, it is very convenient to apply the charging pile. At present, many public parking lots are equipped with charging piles, which are also very convenient to use. It is not recommended to assemble charging piles without authorization, which is usually a problem for property management infrastructure, and the cost of assembling charging piles is high.

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