What are the daily maintenance methods for the electric vehicle household charging pile?

2022-12-27 11:44

In recent years, more and more car owners choose to buy new energy electric vehicles, and the new energy electric vehicle market will become more and more popular in the future. We all know that the new energy electric vehicle just needs to be recharged. When the owner buys a car, he or she will install a new energy vehicle charging pile next to the garage or parking space, but the installation of the charging pile will not matter? The daily maintenance of the charging pile is also crucial, which is not only related to the safety of electricity, but also related to the normal use of the charging pile. Today, follow the steps of Xiao Bian to learn the maintenance methods of the charging pile of the household electric vehicle.

1. Environmental inspection. First, check the cleanliness of the charging position, whether there are sundries, and whether there are flammable and explosive objects around. Check whether there are foreign matters on the surface of the charging pile; Secondly, check whether the power supply and communication lines of the charging pile are connected normally; Check whether the fire-fighting facilities of the charging position meet the requirements of relevant regulations, and check the maintenance records.

2. Check the charging pile body

(1) Check the color of the indicator light of the charging pile and the status of the indicator light of the distribution box of the charging pile.

(2) Check the display screen to see if there is a fault. If there is a fault, repair it in time.

(3) Check whether the charging pile is damaged or deformed; Whether the charging gun protective cover and waterproof device are normal; Whether the door lock of the charging cabinet is normal and whether the circuit breaker and lightning arrester are damaged; Whether the charging pile is grounded normally; Whether there is odor inside; Check whether the charging pile circuit is connected normally and loose.

(4) Diagnose whether there is a fault according to the internal smell of the charging pile.

(5) Touch whether the surface temperature of the charging pile is too high and whether there is condensation inside.

(6) Press the emergency stop button inside the charging pile to see if the charging pile can be disconnected automatically.

3. Check the external charging line. Observe whether the charging pile and its interface, door lock, power supply, wire and other components are damaged, deformed, dropped, and loose.

4. Inspection of electrical and control systems. Check whether the internal equipment of each control circuit board of the charging pile is aged, and check whether the indicators are within the normal range.

5. During charging operation. When the charging pile is running, listen to the working sound of the equipment to determine whether the charging pile is normally engaged and whether the radiator is working normally.

The above is my introduction to the maintenance methods of the charging pile of the household electric vehicle. I hope it can help the car owners. Only when we do a good job in the maintenance of the charging pile at ordinary times, can we use the charging pile safely and confidently, reduce failures and increase the service life.

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