What is the installation process of the Charge Point?

2022-12-14 10:36

Many people know that the number of people using new energy vehicles is gradually increasing, so do you know about the car charging pile? Do you know how to install the car charging pile?

1. Before installation, pay attention to the surrounding environment.

When installing the charging pile in the underground garage, we need to first observe the surrounding environment. First, we need to measure the length of the charging area, then measure the distance between the lower charging pile and the parking space, and then determine the location of the distribution box to confirm the routing distance of the power line. At the same time, we need to see whether the light is sufficient and whether the signal of the underground garage is stable.

2. Install the Charge Point.

When installing the charging pile in the underground garage, we need to plan the distance of the socket in advance, and then confirm the number and specification of the charging pile to ensure that other vehicles can get in and out smoothly. At the same time, when installing the socket, we can make marks in advance, and set different charging line lengths according to the distance of the socket.

3. The power cord is connected by a professional electrician.

When the final power line can be connected after the charging pile is installed, it is better to connect the power supply by the circuit construction personnel. At the same time, before connecting the power supply, it is necessary to ensure that the electric pile has been correctly connected to the zero live line and ground wire. After the final confirmation of safety, power on the charging pile to test whether the operation of the charging pile is normal.

This is all about the installation method of the charging pile. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiao Bian. Or you can contact us if you need to buy a car charging pile, and we will launch the most reasonable and best quality product for you!

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