Competition between European and Dutch electric vehicle chargers

2022-12-09 11:37

Recently, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) released a report on the density of electric vehicle chargers. In the road network of most EU countries, the number of EV chargers is obviously insufficient, and most countries do not support fast charging.

One week before the vote of the European Parliament on the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers warned the makers on these two issues, which may hinder the market adoption of electric vehicles.

The data shows that the average number of EV chargers per 100 km in 6 European countries is less than 1, the average number of EV chargers per 100 km in 17 countries is less than 5, and the average number of EV chargers per 100 km in 5 countries is more than 10.

There is a huge difference between the countries with the most chargers per 100 km and the countries with the least chargers. In the Netherlands, there is an electric vehicle charging point every 1.5km of road, while in Poland, there is 8 times that of the Netherlands, but there is only one electric bicycle charging point every 150km.

Charging speed is also a major problem in Europe. In Europe, only one seventh of electric vehicle chargers are fast charging, and the power of other electric vehicle chargers is less than 22 kilowatts.

 electric vehicle chargers

Many European countries have announced a ban on the sale of fuel vehicles. The earliest country will implement a ban on the sale of fuel vehicles in 2025. In September this year, the sales of electric vehicles in 13 European countries totaled 224900, up 9.9% year on year, and 8 of them achieved year-on-year growth. The sales of electric vehicles in EU countries will increase significantly, but according to the research of ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association, by 2030, as many as 6.8 million public charging stations will need to be built to meet their needs.

At present, the average cruising mileage of a pure electric vehicle is 326 kilometers, which is sufficient for daily commuting or short distance travel. However, in order to achieve cross-border travel in Europe, the current EV charging point ratio is far from enough, and Europe needs to upgrade its charging infrastructure.

According to a report jointly issued by Ernst&Young and European Electric Power Company, the number of electric vehicles on European roads may reach 130 million in 2035, so the European region needs to develop a good policy response plan to deal with the surge in charging pressure of electric vehicles.

The head of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association mentioned in the report: "If we want to persuade citizens across Europe to switch to electric vehicles in the next decade, it should be as easy to charge these vehicles as it is now. They don't have to wait a long time to charge vehicles after driving for several miles."

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