How to choose a suitable car charging pile?

2022-11-30 21:00

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, more and more people choose electric vehicles to travel, not only to buy a favorite electric vehicle, but also to buy a suitable car charging pile. Today, we will talk about how to choose a suitable car charging pile!

 electric vehicles

1. When you buy a charging pile, you must know your model clearly. At present, the mainstream models in the new energy vehicle market are mainly suitable for 7KW charging piles, while a few models are suitable for 11KW or 21KW charging piles. Some people may think that the higher the power of the charging pile is, the faster the charging speed will be. In fact, this is not the case.

2. At present, the power of most charging piles on the market is 7kw (220V) or 11kw (380V). The 7kw charging pile uses 220V voltage, while the 11kw charging pile needs to apply for 380V voltage. At present, the household voltage of ordinary residential areas is 220V, and it is relatively simple to apply for installation, while the 380V voltage can only be applied after the power supply company provides the corresponding materials. The whole process is complicated and difficult.

3. At present, the charging pile muzzle on the market can adapt to 99% of the cars, and the product functions are comparable. When purchasing charging piles, you must pay attention to the quality of the products, including materials and accessories. Secondly, after sales service will be provided, and equipment failures in the later period will also be guaranteed.

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After reading this article, I hope it can be helpful for everyone to buy a charging pile that they are satisfied with. If you have other questions or need to buy a car charging pile, please feel free to contact us!

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