How to ensure the safety of car charging pile in rainy days

2022-11-25 15:32

The climate changes constantly in summer, and thunderstorm weather occasionally occurs. Many electric vehicle owners have some doubts about the charging problem in thunderstorm weather. Can they use the electric vehicle charging pile to charge the electric vehicle in outdoor rainy weather? Is there any danger? Now let's take a look!

1. Select the high parking space. Choose a parking space higher than the one where there is no water for charging, so that the battery will not be soaked in water and can be safely AE charged. If there is water in the charging place, try not to charge the electric vehicle.

2. Rain shelter operation. During the charging process, try to use an umbrella to operate the whole process, so that some important parts of the charging gun and charging port will not be wetted by rain. If there is water at the interface, wipe it up in time and then connect it. Try not to let rain enter the gun head when pulling the gun.After charging, remember to end the charging process first, then pull out the charging gun and cover the charging port.

3.Plug the charging gun back into the muzzle. After charging, insert the charging gun back into the nozzle of the charging pile of the electric vehicle, move the nozzle downward and use an umbrella to protect the nozzle from rain.

In fact, there is no need to worry about the problem of using the electric vehicle charging pile outdoors in rainy days, because the charging pile will have a leakage protection device. If the leakage happens accidentally, the leakage protection device is to immediately start the power off protection, but try not to charge outdoors in thunderstorm weather!

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