Which places are suitable for the car charging pile

2022-11-22 18:28

With the development of the times, new energy vehicles have gradually begun to rise, from the use of oil vehicles to electric vehicles. So many people wonder, if the car suddenly runs out of power on the way, where can I find a charging pile to charge it? Now let's take a look!

1. Public parking lot. The parking lot is one of the best places for intelligent charging piles, with convenient transportation and access. You can rent a parking space with the parking lot, or even a corner position. You can reserve two charging parking spaces (because it is a short-term charging, you don't even need a dedicated charging parking space, and you can pay a certain fee according to the number of charging vehicles).

2. A shopping mall. The smart charging pile placed here will certainly be welcomed by the shopping center. The charging people will buy goods in the process of charging, which can achieve a win-win situation with the shopping center.

3. Expressway service area. Set up several box type electric vehicle fast charging stations in the expressway service area to connect the surrounding cities. The number is small, but the significance is great. It will greatly increase the confidence of electric vehicle users.

4. Residential Quarter. This is a place close to users. Although many slow charging posts can be set up in the community, it is possible for almost everyone to go out in case of emergency. Slow charging stations must be combined with intelligent charging posts to play a role

Through this article, we learned that charging piles are ubiquitous in our lives. At the same time, when there is no electricity in the process of driving, it can also quickly

find the corresponding place to charge.

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