What are the methods and procedures for using the Charge Point?

2022-11-17 17:01

1. Park the car in the parking space of the charging pile, and open the charging cover after the ignition is turned off,

2. Select DC fast charging or AC slow charging. Insert the charging card, enter the password, and press OK to start charging.

3. If the charging magnetic card leaves before the settlement is completed, the charging post will settle according to the last unsettled amount when reading the magnetic card next time, and continue to use the magnetic card for normal charging operation after the settlement is completed. To avoid economic losses, please pay by card after charging.

The charging pile is divided into DC charging pile and AC charging pile. Both are electric vehicle conductive charging power supply equipment.

The DC charging pile inputs the AC power supply and outputs the DC power supply, which can directly charge the electric vehicle battery with high charging rate. The AC charging pile has AC input and AC output. It is connected to the on-board charger of the electric vehicle, and the battery is charged by the on-board charger. Due to the power limitation of the on-board charger, the charging speed is slow.

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