The era of fuel vehicles in Europe is coming to an end, who will be the biggest beneficiaries?(2)

2022-11-02 17:45

At present, although the sales of electric vehicles in Europe are growing rapidly, fuel cell for cars still occupy a large market share. In addition, the development of electric vehicles requires the support of infrastructure, and at the same time, it is necessary to improve the battery and other related industrial chains.

car fuel saving system In terms of infrastructure, Europe still needs to accelerate the pace of construction. The latest report from the international accounting firm Ernst & Young and the European Energy Industry Association shows that fuel cell cars in Europe are expected to increase from about 5 million today to 130 million by 2035, requiring about 65 million additional charging stations to provide support, Nine million of these are public charging stations, up from 374,000 currently. Electricity demand in Europe is expected to increase by 30% annually over the next decade. Through the analysis of the use and charging frequency of electric vehicles, the relevant report predicts that the maximum load of the grid needs to be increased by 21% to 90%, and the European grid will also face huge challenges.

In the battery field, which is the core of electric vehicles, Europe does not have relevant advantages. Maros Sefkovic, vice-president of the European Commission in charge of transport and space, has publicly stated that Europe needs to prevent itself from becoming too dependent on competitors for technology. In the field of power batteries, battery companies in China, Japan and South Korea occupy an absolute market share, while European domestic battery companies are less vocal. At present, CATL and some Korean battery companies have established factories in Europe.

"The internal combustion engine industry has a huge infrastructure, and the electric vehicle industry is already developing. Since the proportion is still relatively small, the current challenge is mainly in terms of infrastructure investment. The issue of banning combustion in Europe has been raised by the Green Party since 2016. Now, it has been 6 years, and we have only really started to talk about legislation, and the threshold time is 13 years later. Whether or not to completely cut off the internal combustion engine is mainly determined by the issue of political factions, even Tesla, etc. I won’t make too many statements on this matter.” The chief engineer of a joint venture brand automobile told that the real benefit in this matter is hydrogen energy. He believes that with the increasing investment in the transformation of car companies, some European small and medium-sized enterprises will face problems such as corporate bankruptcy and job losses in the process of transformation. Political parties in Europe that support climate-neutral policies are also actively looking for ways to reduce obstacles to transformation. One of them A very important step is to build carbon barriers and ensure that industries such as batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen energy are produced entirely locally in the EU, in order to ensure employment and avoid "free-riding" by other countries.

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