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How to extend the service life of charging piles?

Feedback from many new energy vehicle owners will be confused about the maintenance of charging piles or how to extend the life of electric vehicle charging equipment. This time, it is mainly about how to extend the service life of the charging pile.

Before we are ready to install the charging equipment, we must invite a professional installer to ensure that the charging pile has a better use effect. Do not take any regular maintenance after installation, check the equipment on a regular basis, and do a good job of dust removal on the line to reduce the frequency of faults. Also, do not perform charging operations in harsh environments such as dampness or sunshine. The last point is that it is easy to be overlooked by users that it does not comply with the charging pile usage specifications.

Only on the basis of following the above basic operations, we can extend the service life of the charging pile on this basis. Also want to know more about consulting AE, EV charger R&D and manufacturer

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