How much do you know about charging piles?

2023-10-06 15:15

With the substantial increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, the current number of charging piles is far less than the number of new energy vehicles. As a "good medicine" to solve the battery life anxiety of new energy car owners, many new energy car owners only know about charging piles as "charging". The editor below will take you to learn more about charging piles.

What is a charging pile?

The function of the charging pile is similar to that of a gas dispenser in a gas station. It is a device for daily energy replenishment of electric vehicles. Charging piles vary in size and power. Small-power ones can be wall-mounted, while high-power ones generally need to be installed on the floor. The equipment is commonly found in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.), residential parking lots, and professional charging exclusive parking lots. Most of the current common charging equipment is equipment that complies with the new national standards in 2015, and its charging guns are all Unified specifications can charge various electric vehicles of different brands and models. Charging piles are generally divided into two charging methods: AC slow charging and DC fast charging according to the output power. Users can use the specific charging card provided by the manufacturer to swipe the card on the charging pile, or they can scan the charging pile through a professional APP or mini program. Use the QR code. During the charging process, the user can query the charging power, cost, charging time and other data through the human-computer interaction display on the charging pile body or the mobile client, and perform corresponding operations after the charging is completed. Operations such as fee settlement and parking voucher printing.


How are charging piles classified?

1. According to installation method

It can be divided into floor-standing charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles. Floor-standing charging piles are suitable for installation in parking spaces not close to walls. Wall-mounted charging piles are suitable for installation in parking spaces close to the wall.

2. According to installation location

According to the installation location, it can be divided into public charging piles and dedicated charging piles. Public charging piles are charging piles built in public parking lots (garages) combined with parking spaces to provide public charging services for social vehicles. Special charging piles are charging piles that are owned by the construction unit (enterprise) and are used by internal personnel of the unit (enterprise). Self-use charging piles are charging piles built in personal parking spaces (garages) to provide charging for private users. Charging piles are generally constructed in conjunction with parking spaces in parking lots (garages). The protection level of charging piles installed outdoors should not be lower than IP54. The protection level of charging piles installed indoors should not be lower than IP32.

3. Press the charging port number

It can be divided into one-to-one charge and one-to-multiple charge.

4. According to charging method

Charging piles (bolts) can be divided into DC charging piles (bolts), AC charging piles (bolts) and AC-DC integrated charging piles (bolts).


Safety requirements for charging piles

1. The substation should be equipped with safety barriers, warning signs, safety lights and alarm bells.

2. A "Stop, High Voltage Danger" warning sign should be hung outside the door of the high-voltage distribution room and transformer room or on the safety column of the substation. Warning signs must face the outside of the fence.

3. There should be obvious operating instructions on the high-voltage power distribution device. The grounding point of the equipment should be clearly visible.

4. There should be obvious safety passageor safety exitsigns indoors

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