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About AE

Anaheim(AE) is one of the most professional EV charger R&D company in China. We do all this in pursuit of our vision for a Green world,we always believe that Green energy has the power to solve some of theworld’s biggest, and most pressing problems.To make the world greener by accelerating the world’s transition to electrictransportation and we would be proud to support private persons and businesses to shift away from fossil fuels by offering EV Charging in order to make this world more greener.

Vision of AE

We deliver charging facilities that can be used by all Electric/Hybrid vehicles and every EV driver to make EV charging easily,accessibly and cost effectively to providing a seamless charging experience. Our goal is simple: Provide reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles to ensure that our products could make your car Charge Short and Drive Longer
Why Choose Us?
We offer the best EV charging product ensure you have a safe accessble and cost effective charging experience

Reliable AE chargers are compliantwith EN & IEC standards.Reliable chargers reduce your aftermarket problems

Versarity AE's products cover all car charging application scenarios.

Bright Future EV charging business Is now the mainstream, we support you develop your EV charging business and get decent benefits.

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