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AE-D Series:
Beside with AE-A-Pro/Lite AC charging series. Our wide range of DC home charging points is the most advanced solution for customers. Choose our AE-D 15/20/30KW DC charging stations, you can easily charge your car with high speed easily in your own garage.
Anaheim Electronics aims to be the preferred choice of Electictric Vehicle chargers in Europe market. We' re proud of our leading technology and exceptional services and our mission is to provide the most reliable solution for all customers, resellers and end users.
What is DC charging stations:
Dc Ev fast charging requires a powerful source as a DC charging station communicates with the electric car directly rather than the onboard charger (which an AC charger would do). the charging station will check the vehicle's battery condition and adjust the output power depending on which charging speed the vehicle needs.
Why choose DC charger from AE?
  • Adapt to all EV brands
  • suitable for residental as well as small public charging stations
  • Fast charging.8 times max charging output of AC wallbox
  • Easy to use with smart display

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