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AE-A-Series EV Charger

  • AE-A-22KW                      AC 3-phase 22KW Wall Mounted EV Charger
  • AE-A-22KW                      AC 3-phase 22KW Wall Mounted EV Charger
AE-A-22KW                      AC 3-phase 22KW Wall Mounted EV ChargerAE-A-22KW                      AC 3-phase 22KW Wall Mounted EV Charger

AE-A-22KW AC 3-phase 22KW Wall Mounted EV Charger

  • Basic Product Info:
    1.Products demension:340*228*87mm
    2.Phases / Lines:1 phase + neutral + PE
    3.Type 2 charging plug with 5m cable
  • Data Information:
    1.Input Voltage/current/power:400V/32A/22KW
    2.Ingress Protection:IP55
    3.Mechanical protection:IK10
  • Other:
    1.Emergency stop button
    2.LED Indicator:Green/Red for status
    3.Electric internal meter to show charging data
    4.OCPP1.6 J
  • Installation:
    1.Installation Method:Wall-mounted(no pillar)
  • Product description: AE A Wall Mounted 32A 22kw EV Charger ,Level 3 Charging Station can be used in ev charger station,likes public charging station,industrial park etc.
EV Charger
Multi functions & customization
  • EV Charger

    Modular 12 optional function modules

  • EV Charger

    Versatility Support worldwide OCPP platform & App

  • EV Charger

    Safety Load balancing and Anti-Thief

  • EV Charger

    Engineering team provides perfect solution

With AE-A Basic Version
We offer 12 useful charging functions for you. Base on your market, you can select them as different function combinations
    EV Charger
EV Charger
With AE-A
AE-A has been tested and used with worldwide OCPP platform, we can connect the charger with any OCPP platform in 5 minutes.
With AE-A
AE Load balancing device can be easily installed under the standard household meter, dynamically adjusts EV charging consumption if the house’s power system is about to be overloaded when other appliances are working.
EV Charger
EV Charger
From Anaheim
AE has a reliable and experienced EV charging engineering team. They can provide suitable solution base on your customization requests.
With AE-A
Except for AE’s own APP, our tech team can help to adapt AE-A with other charging management APP in the market via OCPP
EV Charger
EV Charger
With AE-A
AE-A support OTA, with OTA, client can update the firmware and upgrade different functions for chargers easily.
Our charger are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands
    EV Charger
  • ● What kind of certification does AE-A have?
    -We have CE certificate(LVD: EN61851-1,EMC: EN61851-22,IK10: EN62262, IP55: EN60529)
  • ● Can I order basic version only and purchase function modules separately?
    -Yes,for the AE-A series,the options configuration could be changed flexibly.
    For example,you ordered 10pcs basic version charger,
    If “your customer A” need the charger with the RFID and screen module,
    “your customer B” need charger with RFID+WiFi+OCPP+Screen modules,
    You could just order these option modules from us and plug the modules into the mainboard of our basic version charger to meet their demand.
  • ● Can I have my own brand logo on the charger?
    -Yes,you can have your logo on the charger and packing.We can also support having your logo on the charger's LCD display.
  • ● How to connect with my OCPP back-end?
    -Please offer us your OCPP URL, user's name, our tech team will help to link the charger with your back-end in 5 minutes.
  • ● I have some complicated customization requests, how to work with you?
    -We can have a online meeting in our laboratory, you can talk to our engineer face to face.

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